Terra Technology.


Fluid Purification

Terra technology offers a range of pumps suitable for the fluid purifications such as:

Filtration Units.

Waste Water Treatment Plants – Marine.

Waste Water Treatment Plants – Civil.


Filtration Units

The filtration units are special tailored for Water Filtration and Oil/ Water Separation used in oilfield supply and marine industry. Terra technology personnel can design and supply with suitable filtration skid for an smooth operation.

Applications for filtration units:

Water/ Oil Filtration.

Oil / Water Separator.

Water Recycling Unit (Water Recovery).


Waste Water Treatment Plants – Marine

Terra technology supplies Marine Waste Water Treatment Plants (Sewage Treatment Plants) with all certifications for the Marine Industry.

The BIOTERRA system represents today the most effective way of the sewage physicochemical process in marine vessels. Its operation is based on a physicochemical process under the oxygen presence for the oxidation of the organic substances and the bacteria disinfection through the action of Chlorine in the form of NAOCL (sodium hypochlorite). The quality of effluent upon the process completion is always suitable for discharge overboard according to the strictest legislation that is valid internationally and especially IMO Resolution MEPC 2(VI) of IMO-592E Recommendation on International Effluent Standards and guidelines for performance tests for sewage treatment plants). The Marine STP systems are approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and tested according to IMO and found to satisfy all specifications well below all relative limits.

BIOCON systems are certified according to the Council Directive 96/98/EC on Marine equipment.

liters/8 hours
Kg BOD5/8hours
L x W x H
MINI-BIOTERRA 847 0,44 660x550x660
BIOTERRA I 2616 1,35 940x425x1030
BIOTERRA II 8073 4,15 1360x580x1160
BIOTERRA III 14618 7,52 1610x700x1300



BIOTERRA systems are functioning completely automatically without any person’s supervision; any malfunction is indicated and signaled accordingly.

The systems are designed for continuous operation under minimal wear as they are constructed totally from stainless steel 316 (treatment tank, piping), and pumps consist the solely moving parts.

offers a minimum maintenance requirements and costs.

The system are equipped with specially designed macerator-homogenizer, fully Manufactured from SS 316.(The whole body and moving impellers).

Driven by a high degree of automated sequence PLC, can be optionally equipped with touch screen for operation monitoring and controlling from the ships Controls rooms.

Video terminal screen on the panel permits the visualization and adjustment of Important parameters according to every ships particular arrangement.

The BIOTERRA systems are build with the best components from leaders in the technology such as electrical parts from Telemechanique & Siemens, pumps from DAB, Lowara, and Prominent, motors from AEG.

Small weight and dimensions to be transferred through openings and installed in restricted spaces of new and existing sh.


Waste Water Treatment Plants – Civil

The Waste Water Treatment (WWT) Plants for are great solutions for the Residential and Industrial Sewage.

The WWT Plants are intended for advanced treatment (it also reduces nitrogen and phosphorus) of the urban wastewater and of the domestic wastewater in urban areas with an approximate number of 6.000 equivalent inhabitants.

In particular cases these plants can expand to treating urban wastewater for up to 12.000 inhabitants.


Terra Technology - Fluid Purification
Terra Technology - Fluid Purification