Terra Technology.


Hydrojetting Accessories

Terra Technology offers a wide range of Accessories for the Waterjetting application up to 40 000 PSI.

Hydrojetting Guns and Tumble Boxes


Type: Air driven rotating gun

Length: 16” / 24”/ 36” / 44” / 66”

Max pressure: 44000 PSI

Max Flow: 35 LPM

Tumble Box

Type: Multi Mode / Dry Shut

Max pressure: 55000 PSI>

Max Flow: 35 LPM

3D wolf 1 Tumble Box


A comprehensive range of nozzles is available suitable for various applications such as for removal of sludge deposits and clogging, cleaning of pipes, cleaning of heat exchangers and general industrial cleaning

Rotating Nozzle Ultra High Pressure Nozzle

Rotating Nozzle

Ultra High Pressure Nozzle

Wire rope and Chain Scrapers

Wire rope and Chain Scrapers

High Pressure Valves, Fittings, Connectors, Swivel Joints, Adapters

High Pressure Valves


Ship Hull Cleaner - Magnetic

Type: Air driven – magnetic grip – remotely controlled

Working width diameter: 300-350 mm

Max pressure: 43,500 PSI

Max Flow: 40 LPM

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Protective clothes

The UHP suit consists of jacket over a trouser/overall set. The UHP suit provides neck protection and a longer sleeve that protects blasters hands. The suits use UHP-resistant fabric on all parts of the suits, in order to provide 360° protection to the blasters. In addition, our UHP Safety Suit comes with a pair of boot covers as well hand protection.