Terra Technology.


Waterjetting (Hydrojetting) Technology

High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure Pump (UHP) Units

Terra technology products are developed and manufactured based on our specific needs of our customers. Our UHP and HP are manufactured using German technology using pumps from Kamat Pumpen GmbH and Speck Triplex pumps. The High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Pump Units, are manufactured according to API 674, catering to the following specific requirements :

Surface preparation on ship hulls or tanks (removing rust and paint)

Heat exchanger tube cleaning - Tank cleaning application

De-scaling of steel

Concrete removal Demarking of roads - Water injection as per API 674


Advantages of using UHP & HP units:

Provide best engineering and technical design as per customer requirements

Safety and working Manual and after services

Units are easy to operate and they are provided with a safety working manual

Availably of Spare parts in a timely manner - Pumps are suitable for installation in hazardous Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas .

Compliance with electrical & mechanical international standards like ATEX, API 674