Hydro-jetting Services

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Hydro-jetting Services

Terra Technology – Services division was established in January 2012. The core activity is providing state of the art services for Hyro-jetting applications in the maritime industry.

The modern technique of hydro-jetting is a superior and environmentally friendly method used nowadays in the maritime industry for surface preparation of steel structures, vessels, barges and more. 

Our company rents fully serviced hydro-jetting pump units to take care of your hydro-jetting requirements. Our hydro-jetting pump units comes with fully skilled technicians who will provide onsite maintenance to the machines and troubleshooting to ensure smooth operation throughout the rental period.

Fully trained and experienced Hydro-jetters are also available for rental requirement. The hyro-jetters have received proper training on safety of using the hydro-jetting equipment.

Our Equipment is made with German engineering and technology from KAMAT and Speck Triplex. We offer state of the art equipment with high reliability and economy to cater the needs of the customers.


Pump Units Available for Rental

  • Hydrojetting pump units - diesel driven 2500-2700 bar (36k – 40k PSI) with dual gun operation
  • High Pressure washing pump units - diesel driven 800 bar
  • High Pressure washing pump units - diesel driven 500 bar
  • High Pressure washing pump units - diesel driven 500 bar
  • Wet blasting machine – Clear blast 650 max
  • Deck Blasters and other accessories