Hydrojetting Accessories

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Hydrojetting Accessories

Terra Technology offers a wide range of Accessories and Personal Protective Equipment suitable for Oil and Gas, Shipyards and Industrial Cleaning. Here are a few of our main hydrojetting products.

High Pressure Nozzles  

In partnership with ENZ Technik AG from Switzerland , we offer a variety of high pressure nozzles suitable for cleaning of heat exchanger pipes in petrochemical and power plants as well for pipe cleaning or pipe flushing of oil residues, sand and more. ENZ nozzle are suitable as well for High Pressure applications as also for sewage applications.

Please click below to find our more about the application of the ENZ Technik AG nozzles .

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Hydrojetting Guns & Lances

Along our partners KAMAT Germany we offer variety of high high pressure guns.  For more than 40 years now, the technical development of KAMAT plunger pumps is a continuous process. In the same way, KAMAT develops and produces a wide range of technical accessories for High Pressure Applications.

KAMAT develops accessories alongside full practical testing, leading to highly functional accessories, absolutely ergonomic and safe tools, which guarantee safe, efficient and fatigue-free work such as KAMAT’s HP-spray guns KSP 1500 and KSP 3000, have been recently standardized and modernized to have less wearing and a high efficiency.

Air driven rotating guns along with tumble boxes are also available for maritime industry customers in the region .


  • Type: Air driven rotating gun    
  • Length: 16” / 24”/ 36” / 44” / 66”
  • Max pressure: 44000 PSI
  • Max Flow: 35 LPM

Tumble Box

  • Type: Multi Mode / Dry Shut
  • Max pressure: 55000 PSI
  • Max Flow: 35 LPM

High Pressure Valve, Fittings and more

In collaboration with SITEC-Sieber Engineering AG, we offer High Pressure Valves, Fittings, Connectors, Swivel Joints, Adapters

Please visit the below link for more information on each product

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Personal Protective Equipment

Work Safety is an important factor in all industries, and water-jetting is one of them. We offer water-jetting PPE from complete coveralls or jackets and pants to booths and head protection suitable up to 40000 PSI.

The UHP suit consists of jacket over a trouser/overall set. The UHP suit provides neck protection and a longer sleeve that protects blasters hands. The suits use UHP-resistant fabric on all parts of the suits, in order to provide 360° protection to the blasters. In addition, our UHP Safety Suit comes with a pair of boot covers as well hand protection.